Traces orientations, maps feelings.
In the age of big data and sweeping multitudes, Dissensus takes the trouble of going into detail and locating distinctions that make all the difference. It transforms the uncertainty, contradiction and multiplicity of life into qualitative data, and produces quality designs. Dissensus adopts a relational research strategy because,
  • Feelings, thoughts, experiences and behaviors only make sense within the web of relations people are involved in.
  • Individuals take on various positions in each relation they are in: clients with brands; consumers with products; viewers with screens; voters with political parties; volunteers or users with civil society organizations; curious or uncaring in its relation with society at large.
  • Individuals are never passive consumers, and consumption always involves a kind of production. The feelings, thoughts, experiences and behaviors of the individuals shape the product, image and strategies of the brands, screens, institutions and civil society organizations they are related to.

Dissensus forms partnerships with a wide range of persons and organizations.

Private Sector

Dissensus works with brands and enjoys carrying out consumer, branding and organizational research oriented towards the preferences and needs of its partners. It provides research, design and consultancy services in service design, consumer profiling, product development organizational innovation and renovation. It diagnoses problem areas regarding brands, customers and consumers and proposes alternative solutions.
  • Culture Industry and Cultural Consumption
  • Fintech, Banking and Insurance
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Entertainment and Tourism
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Energy
  • Biomedical and Pharmaceutics
  • Education and Educational Consumption
  • Food and Retailing
  • Advertisement

Public Sector

Dissensus works with local and national public institutions and undertakes efficient governance solutions tailored to their needs and preferences. The research, design and consultancy services it provides cover a wide spectrum ranging from the identification of social needs to social policy impact analysis of social policy.
  • Social Policy
  • Population, Family, Health and Migration
  • Employment and Unemployment
  • Local Governance
  • Technologies of Governance
  • National Action Plans

Non-Governmental Organizations

Dissensus works with national and international foundations, associations and initiatives that undertake social responsibility, awareness and advocacy campaigns. It provides research, design and consultancy services for the identification and development of relevant focus points, methods and forms of action that matter most campaigns undertaken by civil society organizations. It identifies major problem areas in the fabric of society and offers innovative solutions.
  • Combatting Hunger and Poverty
  • Social Accord and Peace
  • Public Health
  • Gender Equality
  • Equal Access to Education
  • Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Urbanism
  • Responsible Consumerism
  • Renewable Energy

Political Parties

Dissensus works with national and local decision and policy makers. It offers research, design and consultancy services to political actors based on its research on feelings, thought, experience and behavior. It designs society-focused political strategies and develops socially conscious solutions.
  • Political Perceptions, Facts and Emotions
  • Voter Profile and Segmentation
  • Reputation Management
  • Political Orientations
  • Discourse-Impact Research


Dissensus works with persons and institutions in the media sector that establishes networks, engages in measurement and evaluation and designs policy work at international national and local levels. It designs sectoral and qualitative audience research for television and digital platforms, analyses existing audience measurement systems. It carries out research on civil society and professional organizations that works in the field of media and broadcasting. It provides design and consultancy services for assessing the impact of public broadcasting, programming policy and auditing to public institutions and municipalities.
  • Text and Genre in Television Broadcasting
  • Digital media and New Communication Technologies
  • Viewing, Consumption, Interaction and User Experience
  • International News Networks and Professional Media Organisations
  • Public Broadcasting, Programming and Auditing
  • Private and Independent Media Organizations
  • Perception and Reputation Management

Curious Crowds

In an age of radical social, economic, technological and ecological change Dissensus wants to know more about the new facts, possibilities and problem areas. It takes pleasure in sharing its findings and encouraging discussion with curious crowds at large.